Gents Race 14

Gents Race Rules

Yes: There are a few rules...
  1. No cheating. No working with/drafting off of other teams. All teammates must stay together at all times. No bad attitudes. No outside support. Be Gentlemen (or ladies).
  2. To make it interesting teams will be staged according to your team's potential. If you have a fast team then you will be one of the last teams to start the race. For instance - first team left the starting line last year at 8am sharp while the last team left at 9:30am. The race is a time handicapped race. It makes for a very interesting finish.
  3. Remember, there WILL be a staggered start for each team. First team goes off at 8AM, with each remaining team rolling out at equally spaced intervals yet to be determined.
  4. You are responsible for YOU-you are doing this event at YOUR risk. For you, by you. Take care of yourself. Ride smart. Roads will be open to traffic. Dogs will come say hello. Miles will add up. NO neutral support. NO sag wagon. NO power food sponsorship. Again, you are doing this BY CHOICE.
  5. There will be a mandatory checkpoint at or around the race halfway point. Here, you will also have access to your drop bag (one per team).
  6. Your TEAM CAPTAIN will register the complete team below. You must be registered by then or no gents for you.
  7. Teams can be comprised of all males, all females or a mix of both.
  8. All staging handicaps are final. Our team of Nerf-ball engineers have devised a special algorithm to ensure every team has the correct handicap.
  9. Time penalties will occur for any changes to your roster AFTER registration closes. No exceptions.
  10. 3:00 pm is the cut off. You can still finish after 3pm, but your time won't be counted.