Gents Race 14

Gents Race 14

The Gents Race Team would like to request the presence of YOU and 4 teammates for the Gents Race 14.0 on April 6, 2024. No license required.

This will be the 14th year of the Gents race.

What is a Gents Race?

Glad you asked! To directly quote the folks at Rapha that started the whole concept (and that we’ve blatantly stolen it from): I sold it to the racers as an unsupported, unsanctioned, unmarshalled, five-rider team time trial meets alley-cat, meets 'Cannonball Run'

So there you have it. 5 teammates (friends), racing for nothing more than pride over the roads surrounding Slater, Iowa. 65 (or so) miles of gravel.

Winners get nothing but pride and high-fives.

Donations to enter, no money to win.

It will be fun.


I have a Team of 5. Cool - Register here.

I have a Team but need one or more person. Almost there - You can request a teammate via our Facebook Event Page.

I am looking for a Team. Sure Thang.- You can put you name out via our Facebook Event Page.


The ONLY correspondence going out to your team will go to your TEAM CAPTAIN, it’s THEIR responsibility to relay information to YOU.

General information and updates about The Gents Race can always be found right here (See the updates section).

We will send you your assigned start time and route on or around March 30th.

Questions, concerns or issues? We’re here to help.

Email Kyle
Email Bruce
Email Rob